Welcome Back to the 2014-2015 12 Step Spirituality Workshop series!

We are excited to announce two special events in September!

1st is a special workshop on Saturday, September 13, from 9AM-Noon at
Colonial Church of Edina in the Hearth Room. 
The focus will be on Step 1: “My Life is Unmanageable”.
We will explore how we can change our stinking thinking and poor behavior.
Bill Wilson says we can be transformed - he was and so can we. We will show you
how you can change your brain and change your mind through neurology and at the
same time build a deep and abiding relationship with the God of your understanding.
Neurons that fire together wire together!
Jenny S. Ed.D, a nationwide workshop presenter, and Dick Y will lead this workshop.

Walk for Courage. Walk for Strength. Walk for Recovery.
We would also like to invite you to another great opportunity to renew and build relationships
with each other by joining us on September 20 as we participant in the 4th Annual
Walk for Recovery presented by Minnesota Recovery Connection. 

To join the 12 Step Spirituality team follow these easy steps:
• Go to https://www.crowdrise.com/WalkforRecovery2014
• Click the red Register button
• Under Walker Registration click Next Step
• Select Join A Team and choose 12 Step Spirituality from the drop-down box
• Sign up for a Crowdrise account and complete your registration

For additional information on the Walk for Recovery visit www.minnesotarecovery.org/walk.
We hope you join the 12 Step Spirituality team as we walk to support and raise awareness of recovery.

2014-2015 Workshop Schedule

October 11, 2014
Step 1: "The White Flag Moment"

November 8, 2014
Step 2: "So That's What God is Like"

December 13, 2014
Step 3: "The Grace of Surrender"

January 10, 2015
Step 4 and Step 5: "Love, Belonging, Acceptance"

February 14, 2015
A Panel Discussion
Step 6 and Step 7: "You and Me, God?"

March 14, 2015
Step 8 and Step 9: "Forgiveness Takes Work"

April 11, 2015
Guest Speaker Bob N.
Step 10: "Emotional Sobriety"

May 9, 2015
Step 11: "Pray All Ways"